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Beijing Kingsberry Garden Agriculture Technology Co.,Ltd[EN]
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About Us: The following advantages make Beijing Kingsberry Garden Ariculture Technology Co., LTD a leading supplier in many Asian company which sale Raspberry and Blackberry products:
1)The first company in Asia directly introduce excellent raspberry and blackberry varieties from North America and Europe,we have twelve years of expert experience:
Beijing Kingsberry Agricultural Technology Co.,LTD continuously promoted the plantation of new raspberry, blackberry verities in China since 2000, as a
result of our effort, the planting area of China introduced raspberry, blackberry is over 10 thousand hectares , and our self-planting base is more than 200 hectares . Every 8 out of 10 China's Raspberry and Blackberry seedling are supply by us. Twelve years of engagement and efforts, we have got expert experiences of raspberry and blackberry plantation management, picking, processing, storage and transportation.
2 ) Beijing Kingsberry Agricultural Technology Co.,LTD have established excellent partnership with cooling and refrigeration companies in the main berry producing area in China's 8 provinces (hebei 、henan 、liaoning、heilongjiang、qinghai、sichuan、shandong、jiangsu)We establish joint-adventure with cooling and refrigeration companies and build technical cooperation, and product acquisition relations with them. The long-established close partnership with these company enable us to meet customer's demands on different require of seedling, breed, grade, origin, packaging of raspberry and blackberry. Our current annual export capacity reach 10,000 tons.
3) Quality guaranteed from planting to sales. Our selectionogy Co.,fic of planting environment, planting management (Free- of pesticides and herbicides), the refrigeration, repackaging, storage and transportation are all in strict compliance with GAP standards. Beijing Kingsberry Garden Agricultural Technolial standard of U.S. Department of Agriculture.After the publication in the National Industry Conference in 2008, Our standard has become the referential implementation standards for China's berry export enterprises.
In 2008, Beijing Kingsberry Garden Agricultural Technology Co.,LTD invested 10 million yuan (RMB)to establish Asian's first“ Small Berry Processing, Research & Development Center” and Processing, Transportation, Storage and Distribution Center. Becoming the only enterprises with a whole industry chain, from berry's cultivation, purchasing, technology consultancy, research and development, processing, storage to transportation and marketing.
4 ) we supply a wide range of berry products
1.Fresh and IQF raspberry,blackberry,blueberry (some imported),cranberry (imported),we can provide more products according to customer's requirements.
2.Frozen puree:raspberry、blackberry、blueberry、(some imported)、cranberry(imported),According to the requirements of customer orders, we
can provide more varieties like mulberry,
black currant ,strawberry,lingonberry ,black elderberry.
3.Freeze dried fruit: raspberry,blackberry,blueberry,(some imported),cranberry(imported),According to the requirements of customer orders, we can provide more varieties like mulberry 、black currant 、strawberry、lingonberry 、black elderberry.
4 Freeze-dried fruit powder:raspberry,blackberry,blueberry,(some imported),cranberry(imported),supplying mulberry ,black currant ,strawberry,lingonberry ,black elderberry,etc as customer order’s requirement.
5. Jam: blackberry, blueberry (some imported), Cranberry (imported), according to customer order requirements , We can provide other jam of mulberry, black currant, strawberry, lingonberry, elderberry.
A 10 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams in soft aluminized bag;
B250 grams, 500 grams, 850 grams, 1000 grams in glass bottle ;
C 220 grams, 675 grams, squeeze sauce in heat resisting plastic bottle .
6. Mixture fruit powder granule: 2 grams or 12 grams in aluminized bag.customer can of specifications packaging optional.
7.Preserved dried fruit:Raspberry、Blackberry、Blueberry(some imported)、Cranberry(imported)、Sour cherry(imported) etc dried fruit , we can provide more variety as customer order’s requirement.
5)China's company received the Certification of Registered Orchard for Exporting, we are the only orchard selected as 2008 Beijing Olympic Games supplier and we won the awards of China's top Enterprise for Promoting the Progress of Forestry. We are the only company gained the Eu's OFDC organic orchard (conversion) certification. We have acquired QS certification, HACCP export certification, ISO2001 certification and CASA certification.
6)We have exported berry products for decade without any quality disputes. 
Our main oversea marketplace: USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. Export product: IQF food-grade Raspberry and Blackberry.
Product Type: 1000 g / plastic bags;
Export Forms: OEM.
In China,including  Wal Mart, METRO, DQ, Haagen-Das national top enterprise all have a long-term cooperate partner with us.
7) Beijing Kingsberry Garden Agricultural Technology Co.,LTD's raspberry base nearby the Great Wall received thousands of fresh raspberry lover and hundreds of domestic and foreign industry quest.

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